Potty Training Your Chihuahua Puppy

Potty-training is a dreaded task that you’ll have to endure with your new Chi puppy. Maybe you’ll get lucky and have an easy Chihuahua, but for most, Chi’s are notorious for being hard-headed and difficult to potty train. Although stubborn, Chihuahua’s are completely adaptive to learning easily and quickly.

Chihuahua’s are faced with particular obstacles for potty training. This little breed has a willingness to please and is loyal to their owners, which indicates a bad response to punishment. Chi’s are also tiny, making it easy to escape and do their tiny business without you seeing it. In order to properly train your Chi, you’ll have to be vigilant in the process you choose.

From the Beginning…

Bringing a new Chi baby home requires work. You have to prepare your home, establish their bedding and feeding areas and of course you will want to love them silly. Amidst all of the preparation, potty training needs to be high on your list of to-dos. Your Chi’s brain is developing quickly during the first six-to-twelve months of their life. That’s why it is crucial to establish routines and be consistent in all training.

Before beginning potty-training, there are a few necessary items you will need:

  • Treats for rewards
  • A small crate for your Chi
  • Bedding/blankets
  • Collar and leash

Reward-based training is most effective when teaching your Chi to use the bathroom outside. When they use the bathroom outside in a designated area and they are rewarded then it will eventually become natural for them to go there in order to receive a treat.

Take Your Chihuahua Outside Often

At first, your tiny Chi will not automatically know where they should use the bathroom. A Chi puppy should be taken out every 20 minutes when they are awake. This requires dedication on your part because you must be pro-active in getting your Chi outside and rewarding them for using the bathroom out there. If your fur baby does not use the bathroom outside, try again in 20 minutes but if you see signs on needing to potty get them to their outdoor spot! If they happen to do number two in your home, take it outside to the designated area.

Your Chihuahua will have a keen sense of smell and will notice the areas in which they potty, or in which you put their doo-doo. Once they smell their scent, they will assume they can use the bathroom there. Chi’s should be taken to this area after meals regardless of what time-frame they are on. If you just took them out and they eat immediately afterwards, take them out again because food will trigger a reflex that causes bowel movements.

Give Them Time

Once you have you Chi outside in their area, you stand or sit in the middle of it. Put your fur baby on a leash (around 6 feet) and have them circle around you. They will feel in control of their dumping ground by being able to sniff out where they want to use the bathroom.

A common issue with potty training is trying to rush the process. It can take up to 20 minutes for a Chi to relax and to finally make the decision to do number two. Urination, of course, takes a shorter amount of time because all pups want to mark their territory. If your Chi is going to the bathroom as soon as they enter your home, it’s because you did not allow them enough time to do their business outside. Be patient.

Keep Calm

Chihuahua’s are an emotional breed. Using a strong voice when they potty in the floor is enough to get the message across. Frustrations are sure to arise, the trick is to keep calm and never yell or spank your Chi. Yelling only teaches you Chi that you don’t want them to potty, which will make them hide their bodily functions instead of train to go outside. If you fur baby is using the bathroom in one specific spot of your home, spray the area with deterrent and place their food and water there.

To help keep things running smoothly reward your pooch with treats and be consistent in the potty place. If you Chi uses the bathroom in the wrong place, keep calm and be gentle. Anger only makes things worse in all situations. Accidents are bound to happen with any puppy, after you see your Chi pee or poop inside, tell them “No!” in a strong voice and walk them to the outdoor area you have chosen. While outside talk to them and tell them, “we potty outside!” this helps your Chi associate words with behaviors.

Time Frame for Potty Training Your Chi

Of course, the period in which your Chi will be trained depends solely on the time you invest in training. With a solid routine, your Chi will be mostly trained in three to four weeks. As your pup gets older, their bladder and bowel muscles will strengthen. Research shows that a fully potty-trained Chi is accomplished at 6 months of age due to their tiny muscles and proper training.

There are times when your Chi will be potty trained and all of a sudden, they seem to forget their training. This happens when your fur baby is stressed or if leadership has not been established. It can also be presented when a new pet enters the home. Most Chi’s will want to claim their territory to show who is boss. In more severe cases, there could be a bladder or urinary tract infection present. Since other health problems can lead to incontinence, it’s important to have a complete medical checkup when you see changes in bowel movements.

Good Luck!

Potty training may be a dreaded task, but it’s not as daunting as it seems as long as you are committed and consistent. An important rule to remember is to never give in to pee pads and paper training. This defeats your entire purpose of training them to use the bathroom outside. Follow this advice and your Chi will be potty-trained in no time!

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