Inexpensive Ways to Chihuahua-proof Your Yard

Inexpensive Ways to Chihuahua-proof Your Yard

Chihuahua’s are naturally curious and love to explore the world around them. It’s good for them to explore, but it can also lead to harmful situations, especially outdoors. Before you allow you Chi to explore the yard, be sure to survey the potential dangers that your fur baby could encounter.

Fencing For Your Chi

It’s a rule of thumb to never leave your Chi outside unsupervised. Since your cute, little fur baby is such a wanderer, prevent them from wandering too far by providing a secure fencing system that your Chi cannot dig under, jump over or climb through. Fencing is not cheap, but there are inexpensive ways to keep your Chi safe depending on your yard size. For smaller yards or rental properties, an exercise pin would work for a Chi but be sure the spaces are small enough so that your fur baby cannot escape. There are also four-foot tall dog fence kits with anti-climb and anti-dig features that are perfect for Chi’s. These fences average $6.50 per linear foot and if you want a fence gate it’s approximately $180.

Separate Bathroom Area 

An outdoor potty area will save your grass, and shoes, a lot of grief. A simple, cheap way to designate an outdoor area for your Chi only requires a few hours of your time and a few supplies. With 2” x 6” boards, fiberglass screen, sand pebbles, pea gravel, a shovel and a strong back, you can create an adorable potty area for your Chi in just one day. Once you train your Chi to use the facilities here, there will be no more burnt-out backyard and stepping in potty!

Remove Toxic Landscape

Some outdoor plants, trees and landscaping material can be toxic to your Chi. Common plants and trees include potatoes, morning glory, foxglove, lily of the valley, and oak buds and acorns. Many bulb plants, such as daffodils, are also poisonous to your fur baby. Cocoa bean mulch and landscaping stone should also be removed due to poison and dangerous intestinal blockages. An inexpensive way to make your yard look lavish while keeping your Chi safe is to invest in gorgeous purple basil for less than $5 or creeping rosemary for less than $7 for two.

Hide Chemicals

There are a variety of budget-friendly storage options to help hide gasoline, oil, paint, fertilizers, auto supplies and more away from your Chi. Your yard may be your entertaining area, which means there are several dangerous chemicals lurking around. Depending on the size of your yard and preference in style and storage container can be bought for $20 that will have enough room for all the loose chemicals in your yard.

To be such a small breed, Chihuahua’s often require a lot of special attention. Due to their miniature size and big personality, they can be sneaky when let outdoors. You don’t have to invest a lot of money to ensure your Chi has a happy and safe outdoor environment.

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