How to Groom your long-haired Chihuahua

Many people prefer the beauty of the long-haired Chihuahua’s but know there is some grooming involved to keep him clean, tidy and comfortable.

Grooming your Chihuahua doesn’t need to be a big job. The best thing to do is make it part of your daily routine and your Chihuahua will very soon get used to it. Grooming a long-haired Chihuahua is very easy and it is easier if you start when he is a puppy. The younger you start this routine the better as your Chihuahua will get used to you handling him while you are grooming. Cleanliness is the essential part of grooming especially for long-haired Chihuahua’s.  As Chihuahuas are normally indoor dogs, they often sleep with you and often travel in the car with you. If this is the case, then your Chihuahua needs to be bathed often. Have you considered treats?

If you decide this could be a time to give them. If your Chihuahua is being a good boy while you are grooming him then he could have a small treat. This will help remind him that if he is a good boy he will receive a treat.


When getting ready to bath your Chihuahua you need to brush your dog thoroughly. This will remove any excess hair and will brush all mattered areas. When all his coat is fully brushed fill the sink or bath with a few inches of warm water. Put a rubber bathmat in the sink or bath floor to prevent your Chihuahua from slipping. If you don’t have a bathmat you can lay an old towel in, it will do the same job. The amount of water depends on the height/size of your Chihuahua. The lukewarm water only need to be up to your Chihuahua’s tummy when you lift him in. This should be done slowly as they are normally not fans of getting bathed.  With a plastic jug or bowl pour the water over your Chihuahua so he is all wet. Make sure you don’t soak his face as this will get him distressed.  His face will need to get wet, but you can do this carefully with a wet flannel. Keeping this experience calm is the best option for your Chihuahua and you.

Always use a special canine shampoo, never use human shampoo. Canine shampoos are specifically balanced so not to irritate your dog’s coat and eyes. You can also buy shampoo which helps to repel fleas and ticks among other things. If you find that they are dominant in the area you are living so you may want to use it when washing your Chihuahua.  When you have read the label and you know the amount to use, massage this into his wet coat. Using your fingers to massage from your Chihuahua’s head, through his body to his tail. Remember to keep away from your Chihuahua’s eyes, nose and inside his ears. Rinse exceptionally well with your bowl or jug until there is not soap residue left and the water is running clean. Using a soft towel wrap your Chihuahua up so he doesn’t shiver and get cold. Using a second towel dry him all over.


Choosing a warm day is the best time to wash your Chihuahua as you are then able to dry him in the natural warm sunlight. Unfortunately, it isn’t always possible to do that, so if you can’t take your Chihuahua outside due to it being a colder day, you need to take the excess water off using a soft towel and then you may need to use a hairdryer. Many dogs don’t like hairdryers as the noise gives them anxiety. If you need to use the hairdryer, then making your Chihuahua feel happy and content first is a good idea. When you Chihuahua is content then you can stroke him, switch on the hairdryer. Blowing the hairdryer on his tummy while you are petting him will help him feel everything is ok.

Many people lay their Chihuahua’s in their bed and using a low, warm setting to dry them. As you use one hand to stroke him, use the other hand to hold the hairdryer. Keeping the hairdryer on a low speed will help your dog. Keep the air from the hairdryer away from his face and inside his ears while you are working on his body and legs. Moving the hairdryer around his body slowly, carefully not keeping the heat on one area of your Chihuahua’s body. Lastly making sure the hairdryer hasn’t got any warmer, shield your Chihuahua’s face with your hand a blow across his face.


Long-haired Chihuahua’s often have lots of coat and it is exceptionally fine and soft. It can take as long as 2 years for your Chihuahua’s full coat to grow in and develop fully to maximum thickness.

When your Chihuahua’s coat is totally dry, gently brush it using a pin brush, or a spinning pin brush with rubber tips. This will help to avoid irritation of your Chihuahua’s skin. This process also removes the dead hair and any dander from underneath the coat. Next brush your Chihuahuas coat with a soft brush with natural bristles. This will condition the coat and make it shine. Finally, gently comb using a double-sided comb, which will help lift the hairs on the coat and keep them in place.


Trimming your Chihuahua is a delicate process, so make sure you have the right equipment. A hair clipper or shaver should be used when trimming the hair around your Chihuahua’s toes. The same goes for the extra hair which grows between the pads under their toes. To prevent feces from sticking to the hair around your Chihuahua’s tail you should keep the area short and tidy by trimming with blunt scissors.

Cut your Chihuahua’s nails using a professional grade nail clipper. They usually come with safety guards which will stop you from cutting your Chi’s nails too short. If you clipping your Chihuahua’s nails too short it will likely cause ‘the quick’ to bleed and may even damage it, which can be painful for your Chihuahua. The quick refers to the blood vessel in the nail. After clipping, you should grind the nails or file them manually to reduce the risk of them splitting. This will also smooth down any sharp edges.


Keeping your Long-haired Chihuahua looking beautiful takes time and commitment. The good news if you put the effort in, not only will you have a beautiful Chihuahua but a happier and healthier one too.

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