Alternatives to walking your Chi when it’s hot outside

Alternatives to Walking your Chihuahua when it’s Hot Outside

Summer may sound like the best time of the year to head outdoors for one-on-one play time with your Chi, but hotter weather can easily make your Chihuahua overheat. Exercise is an important factor in your fur baby’s life and the summer heat should not ruin their fitness routines. There are several ways to get their daily exercise while indoors or you both can easily enjoy the sunshine while helping your fur baby beat the heat.

Choose the Coolest Parts of the Day for a Short Walk

Early mornings and late afternoon are best for spending a little extra time outside for potty breaks and short walks. Even if this is the coolest part of the day, it can still be exhausting heat conditions for your tiny fur baby. Be sure to pack water and keep off the asphalt as much as possible.

Play Indoor Games

Recall games, hide-and-seek, and interactive toys are all alternatives to getting exercise outside. Recall games help your Chi not only exercise but keep their memory and commands fresh. Hide and seek is fun for both you and your Chi because as an owner it’s adorable to watch your fur baby use their talents to find you and as a Chi, it’s an awesome way to distract them and keep them busy.

Go For a Ride

The car is not an ideal place to be on a hot summer’s day, but a little getaway to a pet store can keep you and your Chihuahua busy. If you want to stay in the car and ride with the windows down just around the block, your Chi would love the lap time or the sniffing time they get while in the car!

While these activities are fun and can help your Chihuahua beat the heat, there are also times your fur baby may be overheating while doing simple things. Signs that your Chi is overheating is excessive thirst, increased panting, a larger-than-normal tongue, body hot to touch, and drooling. To help cool your Chihuahua down, offer them cool water and cool towels to place around their neck and belly areas.

If You Must Go Outside In Hot Weather

If staying inside is not an alternative… maybe your A/C isn’t good… then try  to protect your Chi’s feet.

You can apply a protective wax such as Top Performance PetEdge Paw Defense Paw Protection Wax in 60g Container – Protect Dog and Cat Paws from Tough Surfaces or even put little dog booties on your Chi’s feet such as My Busy Dog Water Resistant Dog Shoes with Reflective Velcro and Rugged Anti-Slip Sole | Size Chart in Pictures (Size 1, Red).

What about Artificial Turf?

Natural grass has the ability to stay cool because of moisture, but what happens when it’s so humid that even moisture can’t cool off the grass? With artificial turf, you have the power to instantly control the grass temperature. It can easily be hosed off with cool water to create a perfect surface for hot summer days. Another great feature of artificial turf is that your tiny pup cannot dig holes in the grass! Artificial turf is also entirely safe for human, and furry, children. The turf is made from non-toxic and non-allergenic materials, making play days much better for those who have allergies.  Warning: Never let your Chihuahua walk on Artificial turf without first checking how hot the surface is. It can get very hot in the summer, if it is not watered. While you have control to keep your own artificial turf cool, that is likely not the case when visiting parks made of artificial turf.

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