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What Bones are Safe for Your Chihuahua?

What Bones are Safe for Your Chihuahua

Chew toys and bones are an excellent way to keep your Chi occupied and to help keep their teeth clean, as well as preventing oral infections and dental diseases. There are some bones that pose a huge threat to your tiny pup such as chew sticks and animal parts such as hooves. A Chi has a narrow airway and small chunks of rawhide can easily obstruct their passageway. We’ve conducted the research and below are a few bones that are safe and fun for your Chi.

Raw Meaty Bones

Having a quality chew-bone for your Chi can help with teething and boredom in an instant. Rawhide Bones are beneficial to your Chi’s dental health and available in a variety of shapes and sizes to satisfy every chewing habit of your tiny dog. Unlike the plastic, rawhide, smoked and dehydrated bones, raw meaty bones are completely digestible and effective at reducing bacteria and tartar in your Chihuahua’s mouth.

Small Chiu’s are more likely to enjoy the thin, lightweight bones from birds and small animals with ingredients such as quail, chicken feet, chicken necks and rabbit.

Greenie’s Teenie

These dental chews are perfect for Chihuahua’s of all sizes. They offer a grain-free variety as well as a hip and joint care type that has glucosamine and chondrotin fit for older Chi’s. You can offer these treats/dental chews to your fur baby once a day to ensure proper care of your Chi’s teeth. Greenies also happen to be the first brand to receive the Seal of Acceptance for removing plaque and tartar.

Zuke’s Mini Naturals

Made in the USA and specifically for smaller breeds like Chihuahua’s, Zuke’s Mini Naturals offers a variety of flavors like chicken, duck, salmon, rabbit and even peanut butter! These treats are also wheat, corn and soy free to help your tiny Chi’s digestive system feel better!

Old Mother Hubbard

The mini version of these treats are perfect for Chi’s and come in chicken, cheddar and char tar. They are all-natural and can be used as a treat, for training or just to help with tartar build-up. They are oven-baked to keep the healthy ingredients in place and no artificial additives are present!

Pet Botanics Training Reward Treats

These treats offer the best flavors like chicken, duck, beef and bacon! Besides the fact they are made in the USA, they also offer added vitamins and minerals for your tiny pup. Made with real ingredients, Pet Botanics treats are also soft and moist for little jaws. Meat is primarily the main ingredient in all flavors which encourages your Chi to keep training and chewing!

Fruitables Crunchy Dog Treats

You Chi deserves the same unique flavors in their treats that you do. Fruitables comes in a variety of neat flavors and features pumpkin in many of the treats such as pumpkin and banana, pumpkin and apple and pumpkin and blueberry.

Chihuahua’s love to chew, whether they are teething, nervous or bored. It’s important to find bones and treats that are all-natural, small and safe. Chi’s have a different mouth structure due to their small physique. Finding a bone that works best for your Chi will ensure happiness and safety!

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