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No Reason not to Neuter/Spay your Chihuahua

No Reason not to Neuter/Spay your Chihuahua

There are several Chi owners who feel that neutering and spaying their Chi is unsafe because it causes unnecessary stress on their fur baby. Yes, there will be pain and stress, but this procedure is the best decision you as an owner can make regarding your Chi’s health and life in general. The benefits greatly outweigh the concerns and disadvantages of not having your fur baby neutered or spayed. The only time a Chi would be advised not to be fixed is if they have health concerns or their age is too great. Spaying and neutering your Chi not only saves their lives and others, but it helps keep them healthy and safe.

Spaying Your Female Chi

Up to two times a year, your female Chi will go into a heat cycle that makes them more sensitive and territorial. A female Chi that experiences a heat cycle will not only bleed, but they will require more attention and care during this time. Spaying your female Chihuahua will eliminate this heat cycle. They may be sore after the surgery, but it is far easier to take care of her after surgery than during a heat cycle. Plus, heat cycles create a powerful scent to male Chi’s and can cause your fur baby to wander away from home.

Neutering Prevents Lost Chi’s

Just as females can run away in search of a mate, so can male Chi’s. Neutering your Chi will halt their desire to run away from home in hopes of finding his soulmate. When male Chihuahua’s run away with one desire in mind, they are often oblivious to other dangers such as cars, other animals, people, and poisonous chemicals. A simple procedure such as neutering is far better than losing your Chi or never seeing them again.

Neutering Reduces Likelihood of Prostate Cancer in Chi’s

Many owners are unaware of this added benefit for male Chihuahua’s when the choose to neuter their fur baby. Every year, hundreds to thousands of Chi’s dies from prostate cancer. Having you Chi neutered does not guarantee that they will not develop this disease, but it significantly lowers the risk. Studies also show that growth of the prostate is directly credited to the amount of testosterone that a male Chi produces. The more testosterone your Chi has, the greater his risk of prostate cancer. Having your Chi neutered removes the organs that produce testosterone and lowers your Chi’s chance of developing prostate cancer.

Spaying and Neutering Calms Chi’s Territorial Personalities

Chihuahua’s have a bad habit of marking their territory, and depending on their personality they also have a tendency to be aggressive toward other people and animals that are around their owner. Male Chi’s have an instinct to mark territory they believe to be theirs alone due to the testosterone levels they produce. Neutering your make Chi decreases their need to be so territorial. Female Chi’s also have a desire to potty when it is heat season, and as discussed above, spaying your Chi will take away heat season, as well as reduce the need to potty so often.

There are many benefits to have your Chi neutered or spayed. By not taking care of their ability to produce, you are risking not only your precious Chi, but other babies that may enter the world due to your Chi’s natural abilities.

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