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How to Minimize Your Chi’s Vet Bills

How to Minimize Your Chi’s Vet Bills

A very common situation that owners find themselves in is when their Chi gets sick or hurt and they cannot afford the money for vet care. You are not alone, as veterinarians also struggle with decisions on how to help your Chi when you have limited finances. There are some cases that can wait, but in an emergency situation, a trip to the vet could mean the difference between life and death for your tiny fur baby. We have discovered some of the ways to minimize your Chihuahua’s vet bills.

Talk With Your Veterinarian

The first step in trying to minimize your vet bills is talking with the vet in charge of your Chi’s health care. It helps the staff to know what your limitations are so that they can find the best treatments and tests for your Chi. Since they are familiar with you and your Chi, they can give estimates on procedures and treatments your Chi may need and can work with payment plans. Each and every facility is different so by talking to your vet personally, you will know all the facts up front.

Veterinary Schools

If there is a veterinary school near your area, they often offer low-cost vet care. The students are all supervised by trained vets so no need for worry. Teaching hospitals are known for helping pet owners get a clear diagnosis and treatment plan for their fur baby at an affordable price. Vet schools also have their own on-site pathology labs and test results can be returned within hours instead of days! Search by state for vet schools near you:

Pet Insurance

Many owners see pet insurance as a waste of money for perfectly healthy Chi’s. Pet insurance can be one of the best ways to help you and your Chi in a crucial time of need. It only takes one bite, one chicken bone or one month to develop a serious illness for vet bills to stack up. A monthly insurance premium can prevent you from paying hundreds to thousands of dollars at once to help your Chi.


Credit cards often get us in a lot of financial trouble, but if you have the credit line to uphold a vet bill, then it may be the best option for your Chi. Many vets will also work with CareCredit, which is a company that extends credit to pet owners who need emergency care. CareCredit is used to cover costs that pet insurance doesn’t cover and it can be used for your health expenses as well. An advantage to CareCredit is that it will cover everything medical from supplies to bills so that all expenses are in one place.

There are also sites such as IMOM, Go Fund Me, The Pet Fund and RedRover Relief that can be of financial assistance in time of need. A lack of finances should not mean that you or your Chi have to suffer, which is why a backup plan such as the ones listed above is a good investment.

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